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Tech-Away of Texas offers Data Destruction FREE of charge to our clients because we believe that serving them with their information liability is the most important service we can provide. We offer three services for our clients in regards to data destruction.


We provide DATA wiping, which is a program that repeatedly writes and re-writes over the information, making it irrecoverable.

We offer Degaussing Services, in which the electromagnetic impulses erase the data from the Hard Drive.

We also have a contract with a shredder to take care of those clients that need their hard drives shredded.

ALL 3 methods of destruction are DOD and HIPAA compliant.




We use a computer program to DOD (Department of Defense) wipe hard drives to remove data and bring more value to the client. When doing a data wipe, all data is overwritten 7 times so that the information cannot be recovered and the hard drive is then reusable. For most of our clients we recommend this option, as this will provide a better return on their investment.




We use a Garner Hard Drive Degausser to securely degauss hard drives that cannot be reused or ones that the client does not want reused. This ensures all data is securely purged even if the hard drive was no longer a functional unit. This process or purges working and non-working hard drives and ensures that they no longer function and that the data is irrecoverable.




For our clients with extremely sensitive information that require hard drive shredding, we offer this service to them in order to completely ensure destruction of the device. Hard drives are shredded into small chunks approximately 1" in size, at an off site partner facility. We rarely recommend this option as there is no return on investment here and the other two methods securely destroy the data.

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