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Tech-Away of Texas provides De-Install/Removal Services as well as building Clean-up. All materials--from the cardboard, to the metal, to the electronic components, to the plastic, get Recycled.

We are an Environmentally Responsible E-Waste Recycler. And we work with industry leaders to provide you with the most value for your surplus assets. 


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Electronics Recycling

Tech-Away of Texas enables businesses and consumers to meet their social and legal obligations in the treatment of end-of-life electronics by insuring all varieties of electronic waste are properly recycled. All incoming computer equipment is safely dismantled and sorted at our warehouse in Royse City, TX. Tech-away of Texas is able to safely process your electronic waste by salvaging the toxic materials and other metals that computers contain for reuse. These raw materials can then be dispersed to various raw material industries and avoid earths' landfills, which endanger the environment.


Asset Recovery

Tech-Away of Texas' Asset Recovery Service can bring the maximum value for marketable end-of-life technology equipment. To maximize the recovery of our clients' technology investment, our experienced team has developed a vast list of local, national, and international buyers in the retail and wholesale markets. We sell thousands of new and used equipment annually through these outlets, which provides a Return on our clients' Investment. We offer a wide variety of Profit Sharing or Buy-Out options designed to meet each clients' needs!

Some Examples of Equipment that has Recovered Value for Our Clients Include:

Networking & Servers
Copiers and Printers
Desktop Computers

Data Storage Systems

Medical Systems
Point of Sale Systems
Consumer Electronics



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